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It is with immense pleasure, I introduce this new website designed by

Updated: May 26, 2023

A new local brewery specializing in small batch craft brewing using quality ingredients making great beers, has just launched their first website. Nestled in the township of Langley, along the southwestern border of Surrey, Brookswood Brewing Co. has opened

their doors to a quaint tasting room where you, along with family and friends, can enjoy snacks and great tasting, locally made craft beer. Years in the making, three lifelong friends realized their dreams and turned them into reality. Brookswood Brewing Co. is here to stay and ready to serve you. The wait is finally over. Now you too can enjoy a piece of their tasty success @ 102 - 4061 200 Street, Langley, BC. I must thank them for this opportunity to be part of something special, to collaborate with like minded people possessing a high standard of integrity. Allowing me creative freedom to build a website that reflects their dream was an honor. I grew up in the same neighbourhood, lived just a few houses away. A friendship connection was made and worth fostering. Thank you very much, it was my absolute pleasure! I raise my glass of beer and say cheers and congratulations to Brookswood Brewing Co.! To find their great beer in your local area, check this Google map below. Enjoy!

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